Thursday, November 17, 2011

Almost There

The house is almost, almost done.  I'm waiting on a bill for the screen for the slider.  And I'm waiting for shelves to be installed in the kitchen.  Also, there's an issue in the kitchen.  When we put in the pantry cabinet we (the handy man and myself) thought it would be a good idea to pull it forward so it would line up with the refrigerator and not sit back.  But in doing that now when you open the refrigerator door the pantry door stops it from opening all the way.  So to fix that I scooted the fridge over right next to the stove.  Except now when you open the microwave oven door it gets stuck on the refrigerator and won't open all the way.  I temporary fixed the problem by pulling out the refrigerator a bit so everything will open but you can see a gap behind the fridge when you look at the stove.  So, in essence the handy man has to unscrew the pantry cabinet and push it back.  Of course I caulked it so all that caulk has to be removed and then I think we'll have quarter round issues at the bottom.  The quarter round problems never stop.  I hope one day to break out the various costs of quarter round and installation.  Every time I turn around there's more quarter round that needs to go somewhere.  But anyway, moving the cabinet shouldn't be a big deal (lots of caulk to clean up), but it does need to be done.  I'm trying not to bug the handyman though because I had him almost exclusively for a couple months and he's catching up on other jobs.  I was hoping he'd send the screen bill and I could remind him of the shelves and tell him about the pantry.

Oh, also I had shelves installed the back bedroom closet and they are awesome.  Now I want some in the front bedroom too.  But then that's it.

Favorite things: the new window.  I'm a convert, I didn't think it was possible.  I've always loved the old wooden windows even when they are rotten and don't open but now I have this window that opens, even from the top (great for kitty cats who eat screens) and you can fold it open from the inside to clean it.  The kitchen window was new from the initial renovation (when was that? 2006?) and it needed to be cleaned desperately and I was thinking oh well, eventually I'll get a ladder over on that side of the house and clean it and then I remembered from the handy man showing me how to use the new new window that was replaced in the front bedroom and I tried folding the kitchen one down and it worked and I cleaned it and it was like 100% improvement for the kitchen.

The washer/dryer.  I thought I loved the set I bought for the yellow house.  It was my first front loading washer and stackable but we got a smaller size because the kitchen is so small.  And I was always doing laundry, like half the week.  Small loads and the dryer seemed to take hours.  And it shook the whole house and moved around the kitchen (I'd have to push it back in place from time to time).  The new set is so big I haven't even been able to fill the machine even with the sofa slip cover!  And it doesn't shake at all and the dryer is faster than the washing machine!  Unheard of!

The Pax closet units from Ikea.  We each now have these huge closets and everything is so organized.  I can't wait to get photos of this for the blog.

Dark floors.  I like that they show more dust.  I can tell when I need to vacuum.  Also my furniture looks better against the dark floors.  The living room rug is so much better.  I was going to replace it but over here I like the way it looks.

The slider.  I still think I made the right choice not getting french doors and going for the slider.  It leaves space to decorate the deck and not have swinging doors in the way.  Also the screen is great for fresh air but I'm so paranoid about the cats (Fox!) biting the screen and making a hole.  I'm thinking of a solution for that, maybe a baby gate?

New curtains.  The curtains were a huge expense even though I was very budget conscious.  I really love them, they are fresh looking and clean.

New light fixtures.  The fixture over the sink in the kitchen turned out to be one of my favorite things.  I like to keep it on at night up until we go to bed.  It sparkles and shines and looks dainty.  So cute.  I also love my outdoor fixtures in the front and back.  They look exactly like what I envisioned.

Open concept.  Totally worth the expense.  Everything is one big room.  I can talk to my husband while I cook or do dishes.  I can't wait to have a party and see how much extra space we have in action. The downside, of course, is all the dishes will be exposed so we'll have to be extra aware of that.

No litter box in the bathroom.  This bathroom for some reason is just smaller than our old bathroom (closets are smaller too) and there was no room for the litter box.  I put it in the kitchen and it's so much easier.  We used to constantly be stepping on litter and it gets wet and gross in the bathroom.  Now I sweep the kitchen twice a day, something I'd be doing anyway and there's hardly any litter to be any trouble.  Having the box in the kitchen isn't my favorite aesthetically, I'm still working on that, but functionally, it's so awesome.  Obviously if there was a room like a laundry room I'd have it in there.  I have to work with the small space I have and this is the best option for us.

Pantry cabinet.  I love having this one place where ALL the food goes.  And for that matter, tons of drawers.  Oh, how I missed drawers.  We only had one small drawer at the old house, I had the silverware in cups on the counter.  I still try to reach for the silverware on the counter, it's pretty funny.  It's very handy to have silverware on the counter.  But it's nice having it tucked away in the drawer.  There is so much more storage and organization here.  I really like that. 

But anyway the whole point of this post is so far the renovation has cost right around $17,000.  My goal was $10,000.  I thought I'd end up around $12,000 so I'm interested to break it all out to see where I went over budget and what additions and surprise issues can do to a budget.  Coming soon...

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