Thursday, October 13, 2011

True Cost of Renovations

Hey, I think I forgot to write about my injury.

When I started grouting the 200 square feet of kitchen I used two 10 pound bags.  It didn't hit me until I almost finished with the float that I had almost half the floor of almost completely dry grout.  Also, I swear this to be true, I think unsanded grout is much harder to work with than sanded grout.  Either that or 35 to 40 is the biggest wimp age gap of all time.  Also, I've only used white grout and gray grout, even what dries as a pretty light gray, Pearl Gray, goes on in a smeary charcoal gray.  Also, because it wasn't easy to work with I had an extra thick layer pretty much covering the whole tile.  Oh, working with mosiac.  My guess is this is just not the problems one faces with 12 inch square tiles. 

So I got to work.  I had a bucket of water and a large sponge intended for grout with built in scrubby side.  I just got in there scrubbing the heck out of the dries grout to get it to come up.  And what I ended up doing is pinching a corner of the large sponge with my thumb and my pointing finger and a little with my middle finger and scrubbing and scrubbing until I got to the end of my mess.  I think it was over 2 hours, I really lost track of time while tiling.

You're probably wondering, hey where was Brian during all of this.  Well, that week, my poor husband was very sick.  First he was just changing out buckets for fresh water.  Then, I sent him out for more sponges because I thought maybe my sponge was just getting too dirty and I noticed that when I squeezed out the sponge, it really hurt my hand.  He came back with the wrong sponges but we found if you didn't wet the new sponges and just rubbed them over the almost clean tile, it would perfectly clean them.  So, he was behind me cleaning the tiles to almost perfect condition while I was still scrubbing hard to loosen the layer of grout that was drying (almost dry) on the tile.

I noticed that night that my hand and fingers really hurt and come one, who wouldn't expect that.  But the thing is, it never went away, in my fingers anyway.  My thumb especially and then my pointing finger and lesser but still there in my middle finger, completely numb all the time.  At first it was off and on but now it's all the time.  And it doesn't so much hurt as become distracting.  Anything that requires pressure from those fingers in my left hand is very uncomfortable.  So typing isn't so bad because you don't need a lot of pressure, using the mouse like a crazy person like I do when I have over 1000+ showing in my google reader, hurts, but I've been using the mouse in the right hand for that or using the ipad which requires little pressure.  The remote really hurts my thumb.  The other night we had hot wings for dinner and I could barely eat them.

I also sleep on my stomach and sadly feel most comfortable sleeping on my left arm, which occasionally will fall asleep even before I got hurt so if my fingers fall asleep it cues me to switch my position but now it's asleep all the time so I sleep very badly.  I'm still working that out.  I found out if I sleep with my fingers curled around my thumb, like a bump fist, then I can't feel that my thumb is asleep and I sleep better.  It has gotten better, I think, or I'm just more used to it.  I have a Gyn appointment next Friday and I'll ask her about it but I don't want to spend a bunch of money to have someone tell me there's nothing that can be done.  I tried on a brace at the grocery store and it didn't do anything, it's not in my wrist but in my fingers.  I can tell when I rub the inside of my wrist where are the veins are I get these shooting sensations that are quite weird.  So if she says I should go see a specialist I will.

So, once again, I tried to save money and now I have chronic pain.  And it's a great way to start my 40s with such an odd ailment.

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