Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Shambles, I Say

My house is in shambles but I did want to mention I finally finished tiling the kitchen floors. Today I used a dehazer and got every little tile buffed and cleaned as best as possible. Then, I started scraping the walls and ceiling of the kitchen and stuff, disgusting stuff, got all over my cleaned floors. This is just how it goes with renovating. I ran out of spackle, I used an entire quart and couldn't finish the room. I'm ready to continue on tomorrow.

Painting the kitchen will be huge for the house but it's such a big job, second only to the tiling.

We are still waiting for the countertops that we ordered a week and a half ago so our kitchen is in disarray with no countertop or sink and faucet. That will really make a difference when that is in.

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