Tuesday, September 27, 2011

We Can Do It, Yes We Can! (or something like that but less optimistic)

Okay, so below is a list of what's left.  Of the original quote only 2, yes, 2 things are left but of course things come up.  Like total window rot on one of the front windows.  Duct work needs to be replaced in two spots (one doesn't even have duct to the vent).  And all the extra crap I keep adding.

For me, I am so very doubtful all this plus the yellow house's stuff are going to be done by Monday. 

They are installing kitchen cabinets as we speak, 2nd day of cabinet install.  I tiled the floor on Saturday and all day on my 40th birthday on Sunday, I seriously wanted to die, I'm never ever tiling that big a job again, small bathrooms only.  I bought 20 boxes of tile thinking I'd have left overs and return and we went through all 20 boxes! That's 200 square feet!  I still have to grout it!  I grouted last night after the handyman left and grouted for 3 hours and did about 1/3 of the room.  I'm in so much pain!  I also have to build a giant closet armoire thing from Ikea for our bedroom and 2 large dressers for Brian's parents.

It's also been raining for at least 2 weeks straight, maybe 3 weeks.  It's off and on but mostly on.

I just don't see how we are going to get done with everything.  I think the plan is to finish the cabinets, then do all the stuff that needs to be done here and then finish our house up to when we move and after we move.  It will not be done by the time we move in.  I also still have to paint the dining room and kitchen.

Part of original estimate

7. Move 3 selected light fixtures over to the house. $90.00
8. Install kitchen cabinets, sink & faucet and permanently install dishwasher. $460.00

Don't forget washer outlet

Additional Items

Install window in front bedroom
Install duct work in two spots
Install 2 ext lights
Swap 4th fixture in houses
Install outlet in living room, move cable from dining to kitchen
Exchange bedroom window a/c outlet for regular outlet
Install cablevision line in kitchen
Hook up ice maker
Order countertop
Install toilet
Replace screen on front door
Install new door knob and lock on front door
Remove trash from backyard (old cabinets)
Tighten drain under bath sink (it seems to only leak when I use it)
Shorten interior doors (1 inch each?)

Yellow House
Install shower surround with railings
Install railings on front steps
Secure railings back steps
Discuss toilet railings
Secure kitchen faucet (it's wobbly)

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