Monday, September 05, 2011


Saturday morning I went over to the blue house with my gallon sprayer of new bug spray concentrate. I went around the perimeter of the inside, like I do at home but even more consistent because there's no cats to worry about or furniture in the way.

Then later that day Brian and I went over to start taking apart the kitchen. Appliances had to be moved out of the way first. We started with the stove, or he did. And of course there were bugs behind it running for cover. I had brought over my can of bug spray that my mom gives me, the same stuff Terminex uses. And he sprayed and I squirmed standing outside the backdoor on the deck. Next he went to pull out the refrigerator and there was water under it and from what he described, I didn't see it, hundreds of bugs. He sprayed and then we had to deal with the refrigerator. The tenants left an open bag of ice in the freezer and then the power was shut off. I called on Friday to have it turned back on but they can't turn the power back on until Tuesday. So the ice melted and there's an opening in the back of the freezer and it ran down inside the refrigerator and out the bottom. We ended up turning the refrigerator on its side to empty all the water, there was a lot, and a couple more bugs. I ended up using the gel on the bottom of the refrigerator. I didn't want to spray because I don't know what the spray will do to the electrical parts.

We mopped up the water (and bugs) with a towel that we threw out. Brian started ripping out the cabinets. The vibration of beating on the cabinets would make more bugs come out. There was a spot on the floor behind the refrigerator where a lot of bugs ran into. The upper cabinets weren't too big a deal but the bottom cabinets really sucked. Did you know the bugs can hang out in your quarter round. They're just wedged in there unsuspecting and obviously not bothered by whatever I sprayed this morning. Brian would pop the quarter round off and one or more would run out looking for a hole to run to. The sink was problematic. Brian removed the sink and a bug was running around the bottom of it while he took it outside. It was hard to remove the sink cabinet because the pipes that come out for the water and drain. He had to saw the cabinet around the pipes with a saw we use on tree limbs, it's all we have especially with no electricity. It took forever and I couldn't help him because bugs were everywhere.

Behind the sink cabinet is a huge hole, like huge, you can see the pipes running up the wall and the dry wall is broken and falling everywhere. There were holes behind all the cabinets. It just seems so easy to patch all your walls and then install cabinets. I mean, of course you would get bugs there, it's completely open. All the cabinets came out on Saturday and we ended up using the entire bug spray can in the kitchen.

On Sunday we went back over to take out the hot water heater cabinet and start ripping up the floor. I only had a can of Raid now and some Boric Acid powder I bought earlier in the day at Lowes. First we had to move the appliances into the living room. The stove was easy enough. Under the refrigerator there was still a little bit of water and some bugs were there. I sprayed with Raid and it made the floor slippery. Brian almost fell. I had to use another towel to wipe up the Raid and throw that towel away too. He ended up having to take off the doors to get it through the door way. I had a hard time just standing there trying to help him hold the doors. There were a couple little ones from time to time that were running around. I mean, WTF, does the spray not do anything. The little guys are out running around??? Finally the refrigerator and the stove were in the dining room. I took the roach powder and made a circle of powder around the appliances, it looks like a witch's circle.

Then Brian went to take out the water heater cabinet and it started back up again, bugs everywhere. He had to hammer apart the cabinet because I couldn't bring myself to touch it. Bugs were running around the wood while he was beating it apart with the hammer. Once it was out I squirted the powder around the hot water heater and again, in the big hole behind the hot water heater.

Brian then started on the floor and it's taking a lot of energy to get the tile to come up. We found under the cabinets a layer of wood that we knew about under the tile, then a layer of vinyl sheet, then more wood. I really want everything up from the vinyl up and then put down new flooring. Heck, at this point I'd love to go down to the floor frame and put down all new subfloor. If the ground was exposed we could really spray. I also really want the dry wall to come down on the kitchen cabinet side of the wall. At least to the window. It doesn't have to be neat or perfect because cabinets will cover it but at least it will be solid and new and we can get behind the walls to see what's back there and resolve it.

I'm so troubled by this I can't even tell you. I don't even want to be there. I didn't even go over today. Brian couldn't finish the floor because it was too much work. I ended up using the entire bottle of boric acid in the dining room and kitchen. I put out the Gentrol tabs that make the bugs infertile. I should have put them throughout the house but I was really troubled by the kitchen. It's all very troubling. I just don't know how to express what I'm going through.

I've used:

1 gallon of Demon spray, highly rated stuff
A few beads of gel on the underside of the refrigerator
1 entire can of the bug spray Terminex uses
1 entire bottle of Boric acid.

Last night I ordered 2 cans of bug spray and some sort of powder that's supposed to be better than boric acid, another $75.

We also called the bug guy today and he's coming over tomorrow. I really want him to spray under the house, like crazy spray under there and whatever he wants to do in the house, I mean, my god, how much more can you do in the kitchen???

Today we didn't go over to the house at all. I spend the day working and then we went to Best Buy to price appliances. I don't even want to keep the dishwasher anymore, I want all the appliances gone. Brian still wants to use the refrigerator at the office. I think he's crazy. The plan has always been to take the office refrigerator to the blue house because it has an icemaker.

So new expenses are:

Rip up the floor, please god

Remove dry wall on the cabinet side at least to the window

Beg the bug guy to do whatever it takes, tent the fucking house and bomb it, I don't care at this point, it's the #1 priority at this point.

Get the floor leveled so I'm open to more and easier flooring options, I just don't see myself laying 150 square feet of tile in that room, at this point.

New stove, new dishwasher (dishwasher was always a maybe because I'm not sure if you can hardwire the portable dishwasher). We decided for the stove to buy Brian's parents a new, cheaper stove, and move our stove over to the blue house. This will save about $250 plus tax.

I also want all the air conditioning duct work to be replaced. I have to get the handy man to give me a quote for that. This is something I've been wanting to do since we bought the house.

Tomorrow morning the bug guy is coming over and the handy man starts tomorrow as well. He's supposed to take down the wall between the kitchen and dining room first. I think removing that old chimney will help too. I think water is getting in there through the roof.

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