Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Meet the Cats Series - Aidan

I thought I'd start a series of introductions to the cats.  Aidan is the oldest so I'll start with him.

A long long time ago I lived in my mom's garage apartment and had a Himalayan cat named Ally.  Ally was not what you'd call an affectionate cat and I really wanted a lap cat so I went to the pound to find a kitten.

The crates were all lined up on one wall, I think there was 16 of them and in one of the center crates was this little gray kitten all by himself howling to the top of his lungs.  I took him out and cuddled him and he stopped howling.  When I put him back in the crate he started howling again.  I figured no one was going to pick him because he was so loud so I choose him.

I don't have many kitten photos because these were the days before digital cameras.  But you could tell right away he loved the outdoors.

And he loved to terrorize other cats:

Aidan's first nick name was Boogie.  I have no idea why but the term "Boogie in a Box" is very popular around these parts as well as "Boogie in a Basket."

Actually, finding Aidan sleeping anywhere is a treat.  He'll sleep almost anywhere:

He spends most of his time outside on the screened porch, looking like this:

Sometimes, on hot days like this:

And in the winter, like this:

He also likes high places:

Nope, Higher than that:

Nicknames: Boogie, Boogie Shorts, Boogie Monster, Monster Brains, Boo Bear, Mr Pants

Claim to Fame:

Now he is the oldest cat however he holds the record for breaking the most items in the house.  One infamous night he pulled the vanity mirror out of the holder and it fell on the floor waking us from sleep, certain from a nuclear bomb.   The mirror was broken and I was reduced into tears, my favorite piece of furniture ruined.  Brian had the mirror replaced, which I didn't even realize was an option.  Needless to say it's more secure on the wall now.

And of course the mysterious howl.  It comes out of nowhere some nights like he's lost us.  We wave at him and flick the lights on and off and then he realizes, oh right, you guys are sleeping now and comes to cuddle and sleep.

My Favorite Photograph:

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  1. I love cats. We lost our last cat last February ('14). Since we were trying to move out of state we didn't get any more pets and I really didn't want to become attached again. It's so painful to lose a loved fur baby. :-( When we moved here to the new house, my daughter adopted a dog from the Humane Society. I was never a dog person, ONLY cats. But man, this dog has captured my heart. I really miss having a cat, but not having a cat litter has been wonderful!!