Friday, August 26, 2011


Wow, I really don't tend to take these hurricane predictions seriously until it's most certain something is going to happen. We went to the grocery store on Wednesday and I went to find some bread and I thought it was the oddest thing that almost every bread of every kind was gone. Don't they stagger these bread delivery trucks. And then it hit me, "oh yeah, crazy hurricane people getting their bread and milk."

Looks like it's not going to hit us direct so I figured we'd just get some rain. My mom removed all the patio furniture at her house yesterday. I thought, "what a waste of time." But I was just sitting here watching television and all hell broke loose outside. What the heck? I could hear the wind and rain and the birdhouse was knocking so loud against the house I thought it would dent it. I threw on some flip flops to try to at least take the hanging stuff down.

By the time I got out there the rain band had past. I put all the hanging stuff on the patio floor anyway along with all the pots. People must be driving by thinking I'm the biggest moron, I had the US flag still out!

Now the question is how far to go, do I leave the furniture on the porches? What the heck can I do about the standard rose (rose tree). I can't really do anything about it, it's already leaning over from all the rain. I'm sad that I might lose that tree. If we had more regular storms it would just be known, hey you can't have a rose tree here, crazy person. We haven't had a real storm since a few months before we were married, that was in 2005. I remember crying while watching a wall of rain pour down the wall in the downstairs bathroom. It looked like a water feature just pouring flat down the wall about 8 feet wide for the whole freaking day.

I guess our trip to Ikea is cancelled. Bummer.

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