Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Hey, My First Mood Board

We went to Home Depot to look at their stock cabinets, which I like tons better than the stock cabinets at Lowes.  I also saw the Martha Stewart cabinets and promptly fell in love.

I went home and did a better mock up with my educated measurement guesses (based on photographs and using my own kitchen as reference, hey you do what you can do) and we went back to Home Depot to get some idea of pricing.  It was about $1000 more.  Then I realized the sale that included $400 of that was over that day, no way we could order cabinets so it's about $1400 more.

Here's my little mock up I've been trying to do for 2 days now.  I hope I get better at these.

My dream plan is to use the white for the upper cabinets and the gray for the lower cabinets.  The Folk Art wall color is the same I have now, I really love it, and the aqua knobs are the ones I have now.  The rug is a very special rug from Anthropologie that I'd love to find something similar for in front of the sliders.  I'd hate to fork out $300 and bitch at every person who tries to wipe their feet, "GET OFF THE RUG!!!!"  Just not practical, but oh so cute.

This leaves open a gap for what to do about countertops.  I don't think black countertops would be the way to go in this direction.  I think, of course, marble would be awesome, we estimated about $1400 for marble not including installation, but something in that family, whitish, grayish.  The counters I have now in the blue house would really work but I didn't see that sample when I was in Lowes or in Home Depot.  I'll have to look closer, I guess.  I can also ask the handyman if I can use the same countertops.  The sink is the problem, if it's bigger or shaped differently so it won't match the current sink hole. 

The thing about formica countertops is my handyman can install them very reasonably and they are already affordable and I don't have to bring in another person.  The issue with these cabinets is they are great, I love the extra detailing that make them special, I love being able to order them in gray.  But every single place I've read about these cabinets they come in damaged and have to be replaced, sometimes over and over, and the damage is coming from the warehouse, the boxes are okay, it's just bad quality inspection and really slows down a kitchen remodel, having to wait 3-4 weeks for each order.  I need to just get the kitchen done, we can order cabinets in advance but if they are damaged it severely messes us up and it looks like from what I've read, they are almost guaranteed to have damage.  This is very disappointing.  Very, very disappointing.

Just to compare I tried finding similar issues with Lowes cabinets and it's nothing like what I could find for these cabinets.  I think we are going back to Lowes to get a quote for the Kraftmaid Shaker style and just see.  Otherwise, I don't know, I think I'm going with stock cabinets.  I can't risk it.  We'll see.  There's a money factor too.  But they are so cute.

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