Monday, August 22, 2011

Blue House Budget

I put together the budget for the blue house the best I can with the information I have.

The weirdest part of the budget are where I have *. These are items not on the estimate given to me by the handy man. For light fixtures I just used the price for other light fixtures. To move electricity I really just pulled that number out of a hat keeping in mind how much I'm usually charged for things like this. I think he left off countertop installation and water line for refrigerator on accident. Countertops are related to the kitchen cabinet install and he'll already be doing a water line for the dishwasher. I could be wrong though.

I told Brian right off I thought I would need about $10,000 for renovations. He wanted it more like $7500. I cut some things we can do later like the front porch and a shed but I was still at my original budget. I also wanted to go with nicer cabinets but it's just not in the cards. This will be difficult to pull off as it is. We settled our debts with more money than we thought we would but wanted to pay down as much as possible to put us in the best shape. I've been trying to store extra money because I only have about $8000 left. The good news is a lot of this stuff has already been bought so I am probably right where I need to be for money. But things always change and budgets aren't rigid so it's good to have extra padding. Worst case we wait on buying a washer/dryer. That will be the last thing we buy.

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