Friday, July 22, 2011

Sheers & Floor plans

Just bought all the sheers I'll need at the new house.  I used sheers at the old house because then I was able to keep the curtains open, have all the sunlight available, and yet still have privacy.  I really like the Pottery Barn Voile Sheers.  They are cotton and not the polyester stuff you usually find.

I bought mine for a great deal on ebay.  Since the blue house has less light, houses on both sides, we'll need to suck in as much light as possible wherever we can.  In the yellow house I always keep the dining curtains open in the daytime and it gives the house a lot of light.  But at the blue house there's a house a few feet away.  I really want to be able to open my dining curtains so I thought having sheers behind the curtains was the best way to go.  And since I like the same idea, maximum light balanced with maximum privacy, I decided to go the sheer route in the living room too so I can keep those curtains open for more light.

This is also why I think it's important to knock down the wall in between the kitchen and dining room and put in a slider where the long window currently is.  My hope is it will really flood the house with light.  And as I improve the backyard, painting the fence, grass, landscaping, the view, I'm hoping will make up for lack openness on the left side of the house that we have now.

Oh, hey, I made really lame floor plans.  This is the blue house's floor plan now (totally not to scale):
I think you can click on the picture to make it bigger.

Here is the blue house's floor plan with changes made (totally still not to scale):

I paid for 2 separate drawing apps on the Ipad for $5.00 a pop and still ended up using free with every computer MS Paint.  You should be ashamed Apple.

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