Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Including the Kitchen Sink

The blue house currently has a fake double cast iron sink.  It's really some sort of plastic composite.  I bought it because I figured most people like double sinks, I liked the look of white for the sink, and the composite was supposed to hold up better than cast iron.  But 4 years of tenants have scratched and stained the sink pretty distructively.  And since being in the yellow house with its single cast iron sink (I bought a single sink to save space in the tiny kitchen) I LOVE THE SINGLE SINK.  I've really adjusted to it and I love being able to put a whole cookie sheet in the sink and giant cats or whatever needs to be there.  I don't want 2 tiny double sinks and if I can save counter space too, then single sink it is. 

I couldn't remember how much my sink was for the yellow house I only remember I had to special order it.  So I measured the sink and went to Lowes.  The guy working at the sink counter pulled up a $400 sink (no, thank you) and then found the same sink I have for $180 but couldn't order it, I had to order it off the internet but this was after I swear to god, he pressed every button on that page including "add to favorites" and "enter zip code."  He was just pressing everything and it took forever.  Finally he let me go with the number to enter on lowes.com.

I went home and found the sink but it could not be ordered.  I think it's out of stock but the website is pretty bad, it doesn't really say that and gives you no help to figure it out.  I spent some time looking up the same sink at various websites including my goto Amazon.com.  Everywhere I went I could find the sink but the shipping was about $100.  I finally tried Homedepot.com and if I spent $250 I could get free shipping.  The sink cost more there, about $200, and I tried looking up all the other things I needed, outdoor lights, faucets, etc.  I have to admit, I overspent to get me to $250 but really I didn't have a choice, this was the only place to get the sink and $250 wasn't a deal breaker to me to spend.  I'm not even admitting what I bought for $50, it's too embarrassing to admit for someone on a budget.  Let's just say, it wasn't worth $50 but I couldn't find anything else, I didn't like the light fixtures and I found a cheaper faucet that I like more locally.

As far as scratching, I haven't really had a problem.  I have told Brian not to scrub things to death in the sink, if you have to scrub a lot just put something like a cloth under it.  I think the extra care is worth the look of a cast iron white sink.  I wish wish wish I could get a farm house sink but they are crazy expensive.  This is the closest I can really come.  Ours is barely scratched but we take care of it.  The blue house's white composite sink is a mess. 

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