Sunday, July 17, 2011

I Shouda Started a Mommy Blog

Well, it looks like we are selling the yellow house and moving into the blue house.

Brian's brother is going to buy the yellow house and Brian's parents are going to move in.  Brian's dad has been having some difficulty for some time now and you may recall we went up in January to visit him during his open heart surgery.  He's still having a difficult time and all the kids are too far away.  So this opens the door to help everyone a) we sell our house and have a chunk of money to pay down that lingering debt b) I have an awesome house blog because I have tons of renovations to do to the blue house c) Brian's parents move next door to us and a kid (well, if 40 and over is a kid) is always around to help if his dad has problems and no one has to wait 6 hours or longer for a family member to arrive for emergencies.  Every time Brian tells someone they look at me.  I guess I'm supposed to be wigged out by the idea of my inlaws moving next door, fodder for a new sitcom this fall.  I honestly don't know how it will be.  Brian's parents are very private and keep to themselves pretty much.  I guess we won't really know until they are here.  Like I told Brian today I'm going to be swamped in redo's and renovations and painting every room in the blue house and outside too and landscaping and everything else to really be aware of anything for a very long time.  It won't be like the yellow house where I don't have anything to do, I'm just waiting for the cats to break something so I can go to Homegoods.

It does put my porch ideas on hold.  No daybed for the porch and I have to figure out what to do with my new ceiling fan.  I want to try to put it on the blue house's front porch but I'm not sure if I can since it has a special light plate thing and that outlet has two switches for the front porch and living room.  I'll have to ask the handyman.  I may use it in the bedroom and get another one for the front bedroom.  I despise the ceiling fans in the blue house.  They are too granny.  When I bought them I couldn't get the same ceiling fan as I had bought in the yellow house and I was so thrown off my game and not the crazy home internet shopper I am today so I just bought a white fan with granny spot lights, I didn't know what else to do and I've hated them ever since.  So I can use the new fan there or switch out the ceiling fans for the yellow house, Brian's mom won't notice they are granny because she is a granny.

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