Monday, June 27, 2011


I don't even know how to begin a house blog.  I feel like I've already lost 75 pounds and I'm starting a weight loss blog.  The thing about your home, that is if you love decorating it, it's never really done.  But don't tell my husband that.  Tastes evolve, cats break things, even just wanting to look at something new.  And sometimes even when you've lived somewhere a long time you realize the house would be better if...

Really I think I started this blog and gave it this name just for the day when we move I can say "We're UPROOTING!!"  Ha, ha, no, the truth is, I wanted a place to jot home ideas and projects, purchases and lessons, as a fun place for me to go, because when it comes down to it, my passion is decorating my home and watching it evolve.  Some people are really good at expressing themselves through words or work accomplishments or their personal style, for me, I think, I express myself through my home.

We've lived here for a little over three years.  We didn't choose this home to live in.  We lived about 4 blocks away in a very large historic home.  We bought this house and the one next door, affectionately known as the "blue house," we live in the "yellow house," as investment properties.  I, along with a handy man and some other great helpers, were going to come in and fix this house and the blue house up and sell them.  At the time it was all the rage but as you probably know the housing market burst or fell and we had to sell the big house because it had equity and move into this one.  Both this house and the blue house have been on the market ever since off and on, currently the yellow house is on the market but not the blue house because it was easier to rent that way. They haven't sold yet, obviously, and I don't expect the yellow house to anytime soon but I like to write about any house showings and sometimes I'll share a comp house (a house that is similar to our house in neighborhood and size and would potentially sell for around the same price).  And then one day I'll be able to come here and post, "We're UPROOTING!!" which basically will mean we'll move in the blue house and I'll knock down my first wall, the wall separating the kitchen and dining room and it will be awesome!  Sorry, I have a little bit of renovation withdrawal.

So what could possibly be happening in a house that I've lived in for 3 years with my husband and four, yes, four, cats?  We'll tons of things.  I just changed out the quilt on the master bed, I saw a photo in BH&G of patio string lights that they spray painted aqua and I just bought the same set from Target and if it's ever less than 100 degrees outside (only slightly exaggerating) I'm going to copy it.  Also I have a wicker porch swing on the back porch that's been rotting away for about 3 years now and I'm going to replace it with a DIY daybed (I'm going to get the handy man to make it for me) and I'll order a piece of foam and cover it with fabric, fabric I've already been researching and soon will be sharing here.  We have a vacation in mid-July.  And in August we're hoping to put in a deck in the back yard.  So really loads of things to share.  And since we're both new here, I think weekly, that's my plan, I'm going to share a room in my house to get the blog caught up.

So, stay tuned.

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